Energy Drink Video

Here’s an energy drink video we produced in Dallas, TX. We’ve done a number of productions with 51 Fifty over the years, but this one may have been the most fun. For this spot we traveled down to Dallas, TX to a specially designed motocross track to grab some exhilarating shots of the 51 Fifty riders in action. We were able to use our Long Valley jib, Dana Dolly and a multitude of lenses, but most importantly we got some great shots from our Inspire 1 drone. We got a little too close for comfort a few times, but thats what it takes to get some of the best shots! It’s a great tasting drink and we think we made a great looking commercial.

A little something about 51 Fifty

We at 51FIFTY celebrate those who THROW CAUTION TO THE WIND and aren’t afraid to TAKE RISKS. We applaud those who PUSH THE LIMIT and DON’T BACK DOWN from any challenge. And we hold in high regard anyone “crazy” enough to CHASE THEIR DREAMS. To learn more about them, click here.