The Great Camera Collision

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Let’s face it, there are about a million inexpensive motion picture cameras out there that can shoot a pretty picture.

How to become a Filmmaker without having a trust fund

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Making a decent film requires the filmmaker to function at the highest artistic and creative levels, whether it’s as the scriptwriter, director, camera operator, gaffer, editor, or all of the above.

Crew Talk: Gaffer

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A deeper look into the role of a Gaffer. Interview with Ian McAleece and Justin McAleece.

Outdoor Lighting

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A common misconception is that just because we’ll be shooting outside, we won’t need any light. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, lighting outside interviews can often be more difficult – and… [Read More]

Tips for hiring the right production company

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How to Hire the Right Video Production Company The practice of outsourcing video production has become very popular. In the past the question of “which company to outsource the…[Read More]


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Bardo Blues is now available on iTunes and many streaming platforms and BLARE Media was instrumental in its creation. We operated as the co-production company, did pre-pro, principal photography and pickups not to mention editing, coloring, and a whole lot more… [Read More]

Music Videos

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Blare Media is thrilled to be a part of the single releases for two rising musical acts in 2018. One is the soloist D.B.L. and the other a folk duet known as Copper Viper. Both originate from foreign lands with distinct sounds and journeys. We are happy they selected us at Blare Media to create their music videos… [Read More]