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BLARE Video is a Dallas video production company that works on the development of creative and engaging content in Dallas, Houston, and Austin. We thrive off of delivering the highest quality product through our unmatched customer service, gear, and resources at affordable prices.

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Tools of the Trade

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Blare Video has been shooting 4K(Ultra HD) footage since 2007. Shortly after that, we moved up to 6k and now have capabilities of shooting incredible footage in 8k. Viewing content in 4K is now available across a variety of streaming platforms. The bottom line is, our Blare Video production team can help you with all your Ultra HD needs. Visit our Portfolio page to view some examples or contact us to talk with one of our team members.

Dallas Video Production

In this fast paced environment, we’ve had the ability to vet some of the best crew around. We have camera operators, producers, directors to set builders and everything in between. Last minute productions happen and we have the capacity to fulfill most requests with ease. With teams in Dallas, Houston, and Austin, we can get to anywhere in Texas.

Why choose us?

3 Reasons

1. High Quality at Affordable Prices

In the highly competitive Dallas video production market, BLARE Video stands out through two important things: high quality and superior customer service. In the early stages of pre-production to final product, Blare delivers the best crew, gear, software, and customer service to produce great-looking content for our clients. Since day one, we have strived to produce amazing quality while keeping things within budget.

2. Excellent Customer Service

We start with stellar service. Our team takes pride in understanding every clients needs with open communication and collaboration. Our experience in video production gives us the opportunity to deliver incredible quality throughout the many different types of productions using our trusted tools and workflows. Every client and every project is different, and we have the resources to take on any project of any size.

3. Concept to Reality

We will guide you through the process of each project – through pre-production to post-production and bring your concept to reality. As a Dallas video production company, we are focused on your vision and have a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude when it comes to delivering a great product. BLARE Video is committed to providing superior services to every one of our clients. We’d love the opportunity to work with you and your team on your next project.